Senior designer

We are a design agency, we create websites and branding, we design interfaces, we support visual communication of brands and we are looking for a strong and experienced project manager who does not talk, but does.


Relevant work experience in studios, agencies or products from 3 years
Knowledge of project management methodologies
Experience in working with large and complex projects, as well as with creative ones
Ability to evaluate and optimize the performance of the team and project resources

The advantage will be:

Experience with the development and understanding of the processes of web2 and web3 projects
Experience with e-commerce and fintech projects

What do we have to do:

Accept projects from Sales to Production: clarify information, understand the task, predict and highlight risks
Communicate with clients: brief, work with expectations, inform about statuses, be able to negotiate and re-negotiate
Make estimates and timings: both internal for the team and external for the customer

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