April 26, 2023

First year with Webflow: goodbye to developers, saved $20K and 5 types of clients for no-code

Vyacheslav Sheikin

Originally we are a design studio with our own development department. We’ve been successfully creating brand systems, websites and digital products for 12 years.

Trying Webflow became a pivotal moment: suddenly there was no need for developers to implement all those pixel-perfect projects as it can be done way easier with no-code instruments.

Over the past year we launched dozens of projects, received international designer awards, and bolstered our team with 6 new creative developers.

Starting with Andrei Sakharov's virtual museum, we then offered Webflow to a wider range of clients. In this article we reveal who is Webflow's target audience and why.  

Festival projects of the Awwwards level to considerably save customers' budgets

Five months of work for programmers and a budget too high for a non-profit organization  - these were our estimated figures for the Sakharov.space digital museum project. Then we tried to execute it on Webflow - and it worked!

In 3 months instead of 5, we created 9 animated longreads that were easily adapted to any device. Furthermore, with Webflow we built up a complex library with databases and CMS and thus reduced the development time by another 1.5 months. All in all, due to Webflow and the difference in the hour cost for programmers and developer designers, we saved about $10k.

We also were spotted at such prestigious festivals as Awwwards, CSS Design Awards, FWA, the Webbys' Anthem awards etc.

We wrote a separate article on how we created Andrei Sakharov’s digital museum.

Ultra-fast startup landing page launch

Following the success of Sakharov.space we offered Webflow to our other clients, startup owners being among the first. Can we launch a landing in 2 weeks and keep it within the budget? Absolutely!

A good example is Computers and Networks, a company that offers comprehensive IT-solutions for all internal business processes. In two weeks, we designed a creative landing page with a 3D-video, and then finalized the project on Webflow in another two.

Digital products

Each product management division has its own joys and sorrows. What we offer is a fast and efficient solution to all of those.

For example, in 2 weeks we came up with a design of a mock landing page Fuckup Meetup for a large marketplace HR-department. Fuckup Meetup is the landing page of the developers’ event, where speakers talk about their failures and discuss the main IT-fuckups of the year.

With Webflow we can work magic for charity projects: amazing websites within a budget

In just one month, we made the annual report for Amway, presenting it in an interactive format. With Webflow we added animations and a horizontal scroll and the report turned into a classy custom landing.

Corporate websites with catalogs and databases

On Webflow we developed a website for the surrogacy agency ISA in 2 months. The website is easily managed: users can add blog posts, landing pages and create new language versions. This is convenient and saves a lot of time when launching new services or scaling the project.

And here is a website for seed funding company Redseed. The main objective was a convenient news feed, so we implemented an endless customizable grid. Yes, all that on Webflow with a little bit of JavaScript.

Now we have completely excluded developers from the work process and have launched a separate trend for creative development on Webflow with its own website. This landing is about our love towards Webflow, our clients, projects and our team!

Check our projects on social media and Let it Webflow!

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